Up the apples and pears..

Or otherwise known as… stairs… These clever inventions seem to be consistantly ignored when it comes to our homes. Unless of course they represent the scene out of Titanic (not the one when… Continue reading

More than a feature wall..

We have all had a go at feature walls, or even feature alcoves. It seems the thought of the whole room in one colour or wallpaper is preposterous. But how about something new?… Continue reading

Work Space Etiquette.

In the voice of Lloyd Grossman ‘Who works in an office like this?’ And unfortunately the answer is too many of us! I think it’s about time this should change. I don’t know… Continue reading

Moroccan Style!

Well excuse the absent posts but with my birthday last week I’ve been milking the celebrations as much as possible. Now it’s back to work! Although I have some exciting gifts which I… Continue reading

Olympic Inspired Style.

Well I don’t know about you but I have been glued to my TV screen since the Olympic opening ceremony! Every sport has got me hooked. As I write this post I am… Continue reading

Any room for a formal room?

I have found myself a quirky little coffee shop Duke Street Espresso Bar, a perfect spot to be writing. A casual cafe with dark grey walls, mismatched flea market find furniture, hanging bulbs… Continue reading

Thank you! & first case Books!

WOW, what a day and a great start to the month! Having been featured this morning on WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed‘  with my post ‘Smart Art‘. The blog has been literally flooding in with… Continue reading

A clipboard? I hear you cry!

I am off to find myself a clipboard! A clipboard? I hear you cry! Yes, you are not mistaken, those ghastly things which takes you back to 80’s boring surveys and the dreaded… Continue reading

Smart Art..

I am very excited to receive my latest print, a monochrome collection of 4 Gibson guitars, including a Les Paul, an SG, a Flying V and an Explorer. Although it is my boyfriend who… Continue reading


After being introduced to Pinterest by my lovely friend, I have literally not been able to get anything done!  If, like me you have already been seduced by the wonderful world of Pinterest… Continue reading