Happy 2013…

I know I’m a couple of weeks late to wish everyone a Happy New Year but I think I might just still get away with it… There is a reason why it’s been… Continue reading

Deck The Halls

¬†Ok, poor title. This post is more about halls than Christmas, but you try coming up with a quirky name about halls! Anyway, enough of that word banter lets talk about halls. Often… Continue reading

Think Outside The Box… Or Just Live In It.

I am currently obsessed, with architectural ‘box’ extensions. There is something so visually pleasing about a glass box juxtaposed with a traditional structure. Maybe I sound contradicting as I’m always talking about doing… Continue reading

Open up to shelving.

I haven’t touched on Kitchens yet and I think they are often left unloved, either by thinking too much about practicality and cleanliness. Yes of course this is important… bear with me. Or… Continue reading

Wrap up this Christmas.

Now before we start I know this is an interiors blog but with¬†Christmas round the corner, like many others I am stressing over what presents to get who. This year however, I have… Continue reading


Home offices can often be depressing rooms or messy corners, often it’s the one place where we don’t want to be, despite knowing we have to! Whether you work from home or just… Continue reading

Bedside manners.

I’ve been working on a couple of bedside tables over the past few months as and when i can, retro pieces bought from a junk shop for a bargain! Here are the progression… Continue reading

Fancy a ~mantle~ piece?

There is nothing which makes a room cozier then a fireplace, even just the idea of a roaring fire on a winter’s day can make a room ooze with character. Unfortunately my current… Continue reading

dinner is served..

I’ve been looking through my ‘pins’ on pinterest and it’s interesting how many similar images I have collected.   So I wanted to share a little collection of plates I seem to have… Continue reading

Hello Yellow

I like to be honest here and I want to start by pointing out that yellow, the colour of sun, buttercups and lemons, has never been my favorite colour, well mainly when it… Continue reading