This year has already shown lots of exciting changes and it’s only May. Having taken the plunge and quit my job and life up North and moved to the South, leaving the boyfriend behind (for now) lodging temporarily with Family and getting myself a dream new job in the city, all within a week. Not bad going. 

So I want to encourage people to just take a leap of faith in all aspects of life as it’s just too short not to try.

Don’t worry Im not going to start given out life lesson, it’s hard enough as it is with just me as the pupil.
However, As this is an interiors blog, I thought I would look upon some areas which are commonly steered clear of.

Dark walls
Thanks to designers such as Abigail Ahern going to the dark side is no longer Star Wars trivia but now a successful trend. (I know, trends! I said stay away but hear me out) we are seeing more and more beautifully shot interiors of sludgy inky walls and furniture but it still takes quite a step to bring it into your own home.
So start small- downstairs bathrooms are great areas to be dramatic, build your confidence here then work your way to other rooms.

Remember it’s not about gothic black but cozy deep colour, a great place for these gorgeous inky blues are in the bedroom. You spend most of your time here at night anyway.
If your really not sure after, remember it’s only paint and you can go over it, but I assure you you will love it!

(Abigail Ahern’s bathroom – Emily Henderson designed shelving nook – Jenny Kaplan’s bedroom)

Statement lighting

Lighting can often be quite expensive, but don’t jeopardise your scheme to save a bit. It’s worth putting up with the lonely light bulb and invest in good lighting. Think about light source, positioning as well as style. But don’t just work around one statement light. It’s so important to create a dynamic lighting scheme focusing for different tasks and atmosphere, never just have one light per room!

(Mauricio Arruda – Gisele Taranto ArchitectureJakob Nylund – DIY pully system)

Coloured sofas

This is a tricky one, either it’s a bright mad patterns which looks like an eye sore or its a bland black leather jobby. Similar to lights but maybe even more so, it’s key to save and spend a bit more on a sofa than you think you would. I don’t mean spend your life savings, but when you think about how much you’re going to use your sofa and for the many years (and moves) it’s going to go through its worth getting a pretty good one.

It terms of colour, it doesn’t have to be this wacky mad statement but a coloured plain sofa can really lift a room. Additional cushions can mix it up a bit. 


(Pink/green Oh JoyYellow sofaPink)

Well I hope this inspires you to just go for it, be brave in whatever life or your home throws at you, and if your feeling trepidatious I’ll leave you with one last thought. 

For more positivity