Home is where the work is.

With more and more of us working from home or away from a traditional office set up. We’re all trying to find the perfect work/life balance. Unless you’re luckier enough to have an entire room dedicated to work it’s hard to find a space that you can easily shut the door when you ‘clock off’.

I’ve gathered a few clever ideas for even the smallest of spaces.

Colour blocking- zoning an area can distinguish where work starts and finishes. With limited space, just painting a small section creates a psychological division between areas.


Alternatively, completely blend the area into the surrounding room by painting out the shelves to match the wall then only you will know it’s your office space.


When sourcing your home office furniture don’t automatically go straight down the “office” aisle as this screams boring. Think outside the box and look for non traditional, all you need is a flat surface and storage which can be anything really.



If your work place has to double up as a guest room or playroom, cozy it up as one complete space as opposed to two separate areas. This office cum living room looks great for both work and play.


I hope this inspires you to reinvent your home office.

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