Trend = Blend

This time of year you hear all about the hot Trends for the upcoming 12 months. Whether it’s for the latest fashion, food, music and of course interiors.

But I encourage you not to let trends over run your opinion, your story and personality are much more interesting then the “colour of the season”.

Trends should be there as inspiration or new ideas not rules and guide lines. If you love it go for it- if not, then don’t.

At the same time (slightly going back on my words) don’t be frightened of trends and the worry it will be out of style in a few months. The fact is if you like it now, you’ll probably continue to love it. Your home should be forever evoloving just the way we are.

Go with your gut instinct, life’s too short not too. And if you feel like you’ve made a mistake, we all do, just moving a miss judged table to another room, paint it or if you’re really not happy you can sell it on!

This year I have a few of my own personal trends:

Inky blues and greens


These beautiful sludgy colours bring a sophistication like a simple black suit but with added depth and warmth. Whether introduce it through stationary, or a touch of glamour to an outfit. Don’t be afraid to fully immerse yourself and create an interior scheme using this beautiful shade.

Gem accents


I love these beautiful rings from Mociun in Brooklyn, USA. They’re a mix of classic and contemporary using the earthy natural colours, I’ve taken inspiration from these to include gem accents into the interiors. These traditional Victorian tiles emulate jewellery. Using everyday items like books and vases can also create pops of colour without seeming like a scheme.

Reflecting on a moment


These last three images are more of a life style aspiration for this year. The beginning of the year I started a 30 day yoga challenge and after 13 days I feel stronger, fitter and more focused. As for these stunning yoga mats it puts my plain one to shame! This puts focus on other aspects of my life, including the way I live. Both the images of the kitchen and bedroom feel lived in and loved by interesting people. Rather then thinking too much about appearances and everything in the right place fill your home with things you love.

What are your trends for 2015?

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If you fancy starting the yoga challenge check out Yoga with Adriene on you tube. She’s great.