Twenty fifteen.

So Christmas and the new year is behind us and we look forward to the new and exciting prospects of 2015.

I’ve started the new year well, receiving some wonderfully thoughtful and beautiful gifts. One I’m ashamed to admit I bought for myself (I remember laughing at my dad when he did this) but it’s a kind of diary where you note down just one thought a day. No essay, no pressure. Each page represents a day and on that day there is a space for a short sentence for the next 5 years.

For someone who is always putting pressure on themselves to “do better” “achieve more” I thought this would be the perfect gift for myself to look back and remember the wonderful moments I’ve had throughout the year.

2014, bought a few great memories- I received a promotion, I completed 2 half marathons, and I feel like I’ve become a more confident person.

However with 2015 starting, once again I want to push myself further, with less pressure but with more confidence. I want to do more on my blog, with the help of a sparkling new iPad this should encourage me. Run a marathon – signed up for mid October so plenty of time to train! Yikes.

And relocate to start a new and exciting career in London, where? I’m not so sure yet, but I’m on the case. I’m a hard working enthusiastic person, so shouldn’t be hard right? Always easier said than done but this year I’m hopeful, excited and confident with what life will bring.

Because at the end of the day, it’s only ourselves that make things happen and I’m sure as hell going to make it happen this year!

Now a pretty picture of some of the beautiful Christmas presents I’ve received this year.

Happy twenty fifteen people.

Jo x


Eames “Beautiful Details”
Lonely Planet “You only live once”
Delfonics- Quitterie pencil case
Phaidon Thailand cookbook
Phaidon Mexico cookbook
One line a day
Max Factor teal nail polish
And two beautiful candles from my friend Abi.