Pick a pocket or two.

The 1950’s was a magical era for furniture design and production, I could talk for days about all my favorite designers, but today I want to highlight a lovely Swedish company String. Created by Nils Strinning at the beginning of the decade it’s simplicity and flexible storage systems has been proven popular to this very day. The original system has since been developed and added too, the perfect pick ‘n’ mix of shelving.

In 2005 they introduced the string® pocket, the smallest of book shelves consisting of two side panels and 3 shelves. It’s the perfect little space to hold and display all your favorite items.

Lotta Agaton is String’s set designer but she also teaches in Stockholm, one task she gave her students was to re style a string® pocket, here are my favorite styles.

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Double up the pocket for an even bigger statement!

e63cd48efa4b00e95a3aedf187dcf984For all the other looks check them out here.

To find more finishes and to buy your String Pocket, go to Utility Design.