There’s a rug in the kitchen.

Kitchens, they are all to often driven by practicality but I say to hell with that. Well, maybe I’m getting carried away but we should treat kitchens just like we would a bedroom or living room, cozy it up and add items that are often not thought about when designing a kitchen.
These being table lamps, candles and what I am most excited about right now are rugs in the kitchen! Lets focus on that today.
Choose a rug with a pattern to hide any unwanted stains. Non slip mat are essential (practical boring stuff,no body wants to trip on the corner with a pot of boiling water!). But that’s all technical lets look at exciting ways in which to create this look. I’ve collected a few of my favorite kitchens which showcase the best way to accessorize with rugs, creating a softness to the normally quite sterile and hard feel to kitchens.





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Easy to see how transformative a rug can be in a kitchen.

Which one is your favorite?