My Favs: Carafes

So I want to start a new chapter for this blog and I’ve started to collect a round up of my favorite interior items and to start with I have looked at the illusive carafe.

Carafes, often associated with pompousness or showy off, but you can’t help admire some of there designs. The necessity of letting wine breath aside (frankly I’m happy for it to breath in my mouth!) there are some wonderful designs to be hold that can be admired from the side table as object de desire or put them to good use.

Here are my favorite round up, leave your thoughts of whether they are needed at the door and enjoy some beautiful glassware.

RETRO:      ‘Buster‘ by Willy Johansson. 1961



DETAILED:      ‘Helle Damkjaer‘ by Georg Jensen.


CLASSIC:      ‘Avva Carafe‘ & glasses by Thea Mehl.
NEWBIE:      ‘HÄMTA‘ Grey Carafe by Gunnel Sahlin @ Ikea
SIMPLE:      ‘Night Carafe‘ by Sugahara Glass.
ARTISAN:      ‘Bogota Carafe‘ by Dot&Bo
ARTSY:      ‘Monja Decanter‘ by Hector Esrawe
I am so sold with the idea of a carafe now! Which one do you prefer?