Colour Lust – Dark Teal & Brass

A current colour obsession of mine is the combination of inky dark teals with accents of shiny brass, which works particularly well with textured dark brown.

I’ve collected a few of my favorite images that really show this sophisticated partnership.


Matching teal sofas and walls makes for a cozy corner, the brass lamps with white shades and pictures create stylish accents.

-Great Tip! Paint your radiators out the same colour as the walls, whatever the hue, to blend them in, don’t be shy!


I’m always inspired by lots of different things not just interiors themselves, this beautiful art deco inspired wallpaper shows off brilliantly the colour combinations I’m talking about. The simple pattern with a bit of glamour would look beautiful in any room, alternatively take inspiration like I have in the colour ways.


Similarly, just a mid century pendant can explain my passion.



Or, go the whole hog and design an entire room, like this stunning kitchen.
The simple dark lines of the cabinets allow the small decorative details to make the statement here the ceiling light also picks up on the fruit bowl. The white neutral floor and ceiling enhances the warmth and sophistication of the dark blue cupboards.


If an entire room seems daunting at first, start with a sideboard. Collect objects of interest add a splash of shiny brass, like this lamp which has been raised on books. Another current obsession of mine, I think I’ll do a little post about that soon.



Another example of just a few beautiful objects which illustrate this colour combination.


And if I haven’t convinced you yet! I’ve saved the best til last, this is one of the first images I saw that made me sit up and take notice of this combination. I love everything about this image.
The simple inky teal cupboard works perfectly next to the beautiful leather chair, the small pile of books encourages you to sit beneath the simple formed brass floor lamp for a spot of light reading. All accessorized perfectly with textured vases.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this colour combination!

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For now,