Slouchy Couchy

Working in interior retail I talk to a lot of people about their dream ideas for that perfect home. But what I come across more and more are the tendencies for choosing style over substance.
More often than not when choosing the perfect sofa. My thoughts on this?

Comfort is by far the most important thing! I love cuddling up on and slouchy sofa, watching tv, reading a book or working on my laptop, curling up on my sofa is such a lovely spot.
The lived in look will always win over the showroom look.

When it comes to scatter cushions they are a great way to add pattern, colour and texture. But the key rules I go by are:
NEVER place them like a diamond on one corner.
NEVER have too many that to sit down you have to throw them on the floor.

I’ve still not got my dream sofa of course, mine is just a second hand gumtree buy but for now it’s amazing and that’s whats important. I’ve got my sights on the ideal sofa and it’s all about comfort here’s some of my favorite looking ones to snuggle into.

Firstly from Lonny Mag a few months ago they showed Hollywood couple Rachel Bilson’s and Hayden Christensen’s newly designed home, and although put together by interior designer to the stars Kishani Perera there is a real sense of home and personal touch to each room. I absolutely fell in love with the living room and the beautiful blue velvet sofa full of small cushions. The limited colour palette allows the mixture of patterns to create interest and texture. Check out the full article and rest of their house at Lonny.


A neutral fabric like this cozy black sofa is a perfect canvas for a shot of bright pink.


Leather isn’t always the first option for a cozy sofa but the beauty of leather is once worn in it becomes an entirely new piece, soft squidgy and lived in. Combined with the green collection of cushions that appeared to have been simply thrown on, gives this living space full of personality.



But my absolutely favorite of them all, similar to the first one but stronger in colour. Is this simply divine turquoise velvet sofa, with it’s deep seats and large cushions, I would love to relax on this all day. Saving my pennies as we speak!

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Have a lovely weekend.