Happy New Year.

I’ve realised what has kept me from writing more posts in the past year is I’ve felt what I had to say might not be what people want to read. Which goes against everything I stand for in terms of design.

‘Go with your heart and let your passion guide you with how to make your perfect room.’
So I need to start listening to some of my own advice so this new year I’ve decided it’s about time I write purely about what I love and not want I think other people want to read, and hope that there are others like me who want to read it!

I feel so often in all aspects of our lives we do and say things that we think are what others want to hear, but nothing is better then hearing 100% of someone’s thoughts and opinions so I’m going to relax a bit and fully embrace my thoughts in my world and write them all down honestly.

So I thought ‘ what really makes me happy?’ and honestly it is a cute and cuddly cat every time. Living in a rented flat means I can’t own my own. So to make me selfishly happy I will dedicate a post every now and again to a cute chum which I hope will remind me and others that sometimes we need to go with the simple things which make you happy, whether it’s a cat or not.

I shall start the new year with these cuties. 🙂

Sometimes I feel like a little kitten in a big world –

little kitten, big world

But this chuffed chappy makes me feel as though anything is possible!

chuffed chappy

I’m smiling already.
Here’s to an exciting new year full of new discoveries, new adventures and daring to go where I may have trod carefully before. And of course remembering when times are hard and feel impossible just looking at a few cute cats (or whatever makes you smile) can make it all be OK.

Happy New Year everyone. Back soon for more interior wonders.