sunny side out

All this beautiful sunshine has got me dreaming and drooling for the perfect outside space. Unfortunately living in a flat leaves me to dream rather then create, but whether you have a plot of land, small yard or just a balcony treat it like an interior room.

Textures, colours and patterns are naturally abundant so don’t restrict yourself to the obvious go to greens and wood materials. Just like I encourage inside, mix it up out side and make it interesting and enticing so come rain or shine you will want to enjoy this space.

I’ve collected a few images of my favorite gardens below which inspire me, I am particularly drawn to a bohemian look.

Creating a ‘living room’ area with low seating and throw on cushions and comfy patterned fabrics and odd tables. I love the idea of having a rug outside, but above all I think my favorite is the dark and rustic pink walls, no boring fence in sight!

Let me know what you think!

Enjoy this lovely weather.


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