Wire not?

I am currently loving how lighting designers are looking beyond the ‘shade’, colourful wiring and beautiful filament bulbs are so trendy.

In some cases the wiring is just as decorative as the light itself, by hanging lots of single bulbs creates a modern chandelier.



Bright wiring adds a splash of colour to these natural wooden simple bulbs. A collection of these would bright up any corner.



I love this simple idea of looping the wire with an iconic wooden clothes clip to add a little interest to the round bulb.


Similarly the cable here matches with the mint shade yet it’s the placed clips that really impacts the lights style.


The filaments themselves have had a overhaul in the past few years too and although they might not be the most eco-friendly bulbs on the market they are the most stylish!

http://www.etsy.com/listing/100153551/vintage-edison-style-bulb-spiral-carbon       tumblr_lkae19cG6r1qjxz8po1_1280












So next time you’re shopping for a new lights, think beyond just a pretty shade!