Invest in our design classics

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks , but I started a new job which has been great but full on exhausting!

5 days a week I am now surrounded by fantastic products and classic furniture from my favorite designers such as Eames and all the gang from Vitra, British designed Ercol, and the wonderful craftsmanship of Carl Hanson.
All originally designed in the 50s/60s, and yet they are still so relevant and perfectly modern today.

I have spoken with many people recently who purchased furniture from companies such as Ercol back in the 50s and they’re unanimous in saying despite the everyday uses leaving their marks of history it is still as beautiful and functioning today as it was when they first purchased 60 years ago.

This got me thinking, in today’s throw away society we love to purchase cheap and instant, but with less and less available resources, shouldn’t we be investing a little more in longer lasting products?
Will the furniture we’re buying today last the next 5 years, let alone the next 50, 60 years?

Companies such as Carl Hanson & Son, originated from Denmark in 1908, to this day only employ specialist crafts men to create their investment furniture. Their beautifully crafted Wishbone chair, designed back in 1949 by Hans J Wegner are still in full production that will easily last for the next 50 years. Although they aren’t cheap (about £600 per chair, however the woven seat alone takes an hour to create) but they will last the test of time and I believe will always  look in style.

I’m not saying we all have to spend thousands and thousands on furniture, because frankly we all simply can’t afford to do this, and don’t get me wrong shopping at retailers such as Ikea has it’s place and purpose. But every time we need something whether it’s products, furniture, food, or even clothing. Let’s take a moment to think about our consequence and responsibility to our world and economy. And maybe if we save a few more months we could invest into our sustainable future and into our world’s talented crafts rather then the throw away and wasteful world we are becoming.

Here are some of the beautiful designs classics:

Wishbone Chair by Hans J Wegner

Wishbone Chair by Hans J Wegner 1949

Love Seat- Ercol 1956

Butterfly Chair- Ercol

Butterfly Chair- Ercol 1956

RAR- Eames 1950

LCW Eames

LCW Eames 1945

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I’d love to hear your thoughts..

Which is your favorite, and why?

What are the classic designs of the future?

The issues of our throw away society and furniture…