downstairs delight

The majority of UK homes have a small downstairs toilet, in fact it’s kind of a must in the housing market. However they are always a last thought when it comes to decorating, practicality is always above style.

Yet, downstairs bathrooms I believe can really be pushed when it comes to style. It’s a room we only spend a short amount of time in so the more adventurous the better. It’s also a great talking point for your guests!

So put down the magnolia, fluffy bath mat and of course the rule book, transform your small space with a few of these fab ideas!

Use wallpaper as a bold statement!

Gallery design full of your favorite images and memories. I love the chalkboard black paint for walls to write messages!

Instead of art work, try covering the walls with fantastic vintage mirrors!

And of course go bold with colour, chandeliers and vintage rugs = perfection electic style!

Which bathroom is your favorite? Does this inspire you to create bolder designs in the smallest of spaces?