Deck The Halls

 Ok, poor title. This post is more about halls than Christmas, but you try coming up with a quirky name about halls!

Anyway, enough of that word banter lets talk about halls. Often one of the most neglected rooms of the house. Mainly because we don’t associate them as a room, but they are and we should give them more credit.

It’s the first area you step into as you come home so it should be the most important spaces! Filled with calmly, homely touches which make you feel relaxed after a busy day working, shopping or whatever else you do.

Functional is also key, storing our easily accessed coats, shoes and bags without looking cluttered.

I think half of the items we have strewn across the hall we probably only use a few times here and there, so firstly these items should be stored away. But the other daily items should be easily reachable and not shoved away to pretend we all live in a clutter free world, only to awkwardly retrieve it soon again for the next trip out.

Hooks are necessary in halls, so lets have fun with them! A mad eclectic collection of random hooks for me is just awesome! Position them at different height for all sizes.

This pretty neat idea for hanging heels is genius. By simply using ceiling cornicing in the middle of the wall provides the perfect shelf to hang the beautiful heels, showing them off on display as well preventing any squashed shoes! Either paint the coving the same as the walls or have them stand out and proud. The best thing is it’s so adaptable to the area whether its to cover an entire wall or part of, or cut down to be squeezed into any alcove or corner. The limits are endless! Any excuse to keep buying more shoes.

This image is new to me, and i think its fantastic. Many of our traditional Victorian terraces have very small hallways and is often knocked down resulting in the front door leading straight into the living area, often not a desired concept to home owners. However, this family have knocked down the wall leaving existing stud walls and replacing it with a shelving unit. Creating an more open plan feel but cornering off the front door. I particularly like the way the flooring visually divides the two areas.

Similarly to the downstairs toilet, because we don’t spend lengthly blocks of times in the hall we can really experiments and go mad when deciding on colours and furniture arrangements.

I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic start to the New Year!

See you in 2013