Open up to shelving.

I haven’t touched on Kitchens yet and I think they are often left unloved, either by thinking too much about practicality and cleanliness. Yes of course this is important… bear with me. Or to the other extreme where the super expensive kitchen companies simply pimp every aspect to the design to an inch of it’s life, loosing the ‘heart’ of the home that we all so much desire.

I agree function is just as important as design, however this shouldnt jeopadise the character. Similarly kitchen companies loose an individual aspect with their pick ‘n’ mix selection of cabinets and colours simply creating the same kitchen as everyone else.

What I want to show you today is a current love for me when it comes to kitchens – open shelving – and how they create a space full of individuality.

I can hear half of you rejoicing in glee and the other half running for cover!

I know, I know, clutter right? But I personally love shopping for a pretty glasses, or decorative bowls and plates which just end up behind doors then covered in food! This is criminal! (ok now i’ve gone too far?)

But still, there are so many beautiful crockery designs out there, examples on my previous post, that should be proudly on display.

Let’s start with this beautiful Parisienne apartment to ease in you none believers.

Galley kitchens can often be tricky, and this is where shelving really comes to it’s own. It allows for plenty of storage whilst still opening up the small space. Here they prevent the prominent white becoming too clinical by contrasting with dark framed windows which blend with the counter top and what appears to be a sliding chalk board wall. (Although the image or text doesn’t reveal if it does slide of not, but great idea if it does!). The pops of colour within the accessorises finishes off the room beautifully, creating a functional yet full of personality and making the most of a tight space.

Free standing shelving is another alternative.

Here they have created an industrial look straight from a salvage yard by this collection of metal baskets to store all the small tricks that kitchens often accumulate.

For a subtler look these two metal shelving units contrast elegantly with the sleek design of the contemporary island, whilst complementing each other due to their simple straight lines.

I love this sludgy grey colour blocking, hiding the often ghastly looking but necessary extractor fan. And because they have painted the shelves out in the same grey as it’s surrounding this allows the mundane kitchen produce stand their own becoming objects of desire. Mixing with the vintage bench, table and chairs contradict the contemporary white cupboards creating the kind of jarring that makes a room full of character that I love!

This collection of espresso cups are beautifully exhibited on slim rustic wooden shelves that shine against the white walls creating more of an art installation then simple storage.

Have I persuaded you yet? Or if the idea of having everything out on display intreges you but your OCD tendencies are screaming inside (don’t worry, I have been known for being a tad OCD at times) then how about try unifying with storage jars, the colours and textures of the food itself will create interest in their own right.

Ultimately to create a kitchen which oozes individuality, include items which you would normally find in say… a living room ie. rugs, table lamps, books (not meaning recipe books), and artwork without a food theme.

As always let me know which idea you like best and might possibly try?