Wrap up this Christmas.

Now before we start I know this is an interiors blog but with Christmas round the corner, like many others I am stressing over what presents to get who. This year however, I have been inspired by the craft wave, which happens to co-inside with the lack of funds and creatively make as many as I can!

(End results will have to wait as I know some family members read this!)

My post for today though is that we are all guilty of ripping open our presents desperately wanting to see the goods, not even contemplating the presentation.
But this year I want to spend a little more time and effort with the wrapping, we appreciate gifts more when there is a personal touch to the presentation, and I have always believed the thought of giving a gift should be as important as the gift itself.


So I did a bit of Christmas inspired research into wrapping and came up trumps with these fab ideas.


The general consensus to begin with seems to be collect, collect, collect!


Odd bits of ribbons, paper, christmassy objects. These weeks leading to the 25th are the magpie days, so gather odd ends which may (or sometimes may not) come in handy.

Ribbons galore! I am always collecting odd bits of ribbon (especially those bits from tops that are there to hang the garmet, these are great!)

These lovely reef inspired wrapping are so fabulously Christmassy and they will smell as good as it looks!


Beautiful wrapping paper can often be quite expensive when there are many gifts, so instead of forking out for meters, buy one sheet and cut it into slim strips then layered over plain paper and finally tied with house hold string creating a lovely unison between pretty paper with a rustic charm.



These are just fabulous, cheap small Christmas decorations glued to glittered clothes pegs! Such a clever yet simple idea, especially for a box such as these. Alternatively spray paint the objects in seasonal colours or neon brights for an even more dramatic look. Clip them onto the tree after for an a secondary use.


For more Christmas and Craft idea check out and follow my Christmas and Things to make… Pinterest Boards.


Which idea do you like best? Hope this gets everyone in the mood for Christmas!