Home offices can often be depressing rooms or messy corners, often it’s the one place where we don’t want to be, despite knowing we have to!

Whether you work from home or just do your finances and serf the net, these areas tend to be filled with boring paper work, millions of ugly wires snaking around the ghastly flat pack office furniture.

As promised, I want to explore the creative and beautiful ways to work from home which won’t take over our living space.

Firstly I want to scream this from the top of a building, just because it’s an office it certainly doesn’t mean you should use ‘office furniture’. In fact I would 100% persuade anyone for their home office (or any office for that matter) so stay AWAY from this kind of furniture.

If you think about it, all you need is a flat surface and enough storage for your needs.

So why not find any table you love, like this retro dining table and chairs. The positioning away from the wall creates an informal setting with more room to spread out.

If space is limited, work often spills all over the house. At first here all I see is a console by the front door, with lovely objects on. It wasn’t until I looked closer and it was a desk! One fantastic trick is to blend the walls to match the desk disguising the designated area rather than blending it into the room.

For an individual touch paint the desk your favorite colour to make you smile every time you sit to work

Add a rug to keep the room relaxed and cozy.

Alternatively blend your working desk into shelving. Although this example has been designed for children – it’s a great way to integrate a desk to another room without dominating the function.

For me, the most important feature to any work space is to fill it with inspiration. Lovely images aspirational words that enhances motivation and sustains a happy and inspired you whilst the working day can be hard and you in the need of a boost!


I would like to finish this post with a beautiful home office image I found on pinterest – wouldn’t we all like to work here?