Fancy a ~mantle~ piece?

There is nothing which makes a room cozier then a fireplace, even just the idea of a roaring fire on a winter’s day can make a room ooze with character. Unfortunately my current abode sans a fireplace so for now I’m going to have to warm my hands on these wonderful images.
But it’s not just the fire pit of these beautiful pieces which wins me over but the many possibilities of it’s surrounds.

It’s an ideal podium to show off your travel finds, favorite art and treasured possessions all shapes and sizes.

I believe there should be only ONE rule when dressing a mantle piece, no symmetry!

Vintage, vintage, vintage… I know it’s so popular right now, but you can see why! It’s all about character and history creating a story. I love that each items fit in with the next without it looking too contrived. Maybe too much for some?

Just like in the previous style if your lacking of shelving or just make a talking point, use your fireplace to store all your favorite books! Painting the fireplace the same as the wall creates a traditional feature into modern statement.Don’t be worried that painting it might be too overpowering because it will simply blend in create interest.


Similarly this ornate fireplace looks so whimsical painted to blend into the wall. I love the added detail of painting logs white as well. The feminine touch on the mantle piece tie together with the use of similar flowers but to create interest they are all displayed in different vases.


I love this collection of letters and numbers which creates uniform but using different heights and tones keeps it from becoming to strict.

I love how this blocked off kitchen fireplace has now become a fun interactive board for the useful shopping list but can also be a message and art board. The collection of art and objects are the perfect conversation starters of all their stories.


I love this living room and not just the fireplace which is such a star in this room (especially the red books in the fireplace). Such a fun connection between the stuffed hare and the sketch. Everything about this room is so inviting to stimulate the senses, you want to look at every corner which brings up many new surprises.

That’s the key to a great interior, creating excitement and intrigue to the eye that invites you to stay and linger looking at all the wonderful items which we collect throughout our lives.

So keep collecting objects which ring true to you! And display them with vigor and confidence on your mantle piece or like me on any surface you can find!