Hello Yellow

I like to be honest here and I want to start by pointing out that yellow, the colour of sun, buttercups and lemons, has never been my favorite colour, well mainly when it comes to interiors.

I guess if I were to go for yellow it would most definitely have to be a bright, vibrant yellow! In fact, one of my favorite pairs of shoes are bright yellow.

But for some reason, it just doesn’t work for me on walls! However it can as an accent or a single splash of colour.

I like to think of it that there is only one sun, so there should only be one yellow piece in a room, simple no…?

I love the simplicity of this interior, led by it’s retro style but the modern sofa creates a warming feel to the white room. I’ve noticed how unsure many people are with brightly coloured sofas but I think this interior is a perfect example that it can tie in the room rather than create dominance. If you’re thinking of going for a coloured sofa, keep the fabric plain or a very minimal pattern.

This is one of my favorite bathrooms, I love how the sink pops out from the dark grey walls, and the casual temporary style trestle table allows the sink to be of pride of place. I’m also a great fan of antique mirror.


Another bathroom, and again the fantastic juxtapose between the grey floor, cemented walls and laundry basket with the elaborate ornate floor length mirror painted in a bright yellow. What a way to wake up every morning!

What’s your thoughts on yellow?

And your mission, if you choose to accept…

 send some great links about yellow interiors to try and persuade me to use this colour!