Up the apples and pears..

Or otherwise known as… stairs…

These clever inventions seem to be consistantly ignored when it comes to our homes. Unless of course they represent the scene out of Titanic (not the one when it sinks) but lets face it not many of us have halls at such a scale!

So I wanted to look at examples of stair designs where people have put some thought into them – making them just as personal as any other part of the house.

Even just a lick of paint can create the everyday transition from upstairs to downstairs into a statement in themselves.

Create drama with a solid bold colour like these stunning turquoise wooden steps.

Hand paint on a rainbow of colours using different widths to blur the division between each step, making them look longer.

So many of our homes have similar stairs to these. Be brave, bite the bullet and choose your favorite colour, then – using the shade variations from a paint strip – create a fun statement! These spindles are quite plain but it would look just as good on more ornate stairs. The white backdrop really lets the stairs do the talking.

I love this idea of creating a pathway on the stairs. Try painting a non-physical division – a perfect place for displaying favorite objects.

Or alternatively, if you have wider stairs (maybe more appropriate in a commercial environment like these) use sections of picture frames and paint multicoloured. Fab idea!

Are your stairs an area you’re not sure what to do with?

I’d love to know who’s pushed their stairs to the next level!

Sorry about the pun. x