More than a feature wall..

We have all had a go at feature walls, or even feature alcoves. It seems the thought of the whole room in one colour or wallpaper is preposterous.

But how about something new?

Why not try some colour blocking in our homes? Going beyond just one wall, but extending to more or less areas.

Pictures might explain that better..

I’ll start with a safe option- this sweet feminine mid century inspired bedroom injects colour by extending the feature wall to under the window. A subtle detail but it creates a much more interesting room then if it were just on the one flat wall. The room has then been balanced by the similar tones on the cushions.

This small kitchen has been highlighted to give it pride of place in the room. Rather then hiding in the corner, the coloured walls frame it like a piece of art.

I’m not adverse to decorating with orange, but there is something about this slither of said colour which I absolutely love. The corner has become so inviting, I want to curl up on the chair and read for days! And it’s the colour blocking which has created this intimacy space without sacrificing the room with partitions.

I know many people are nervous about using black, (a black post will be on it’s way I promise!) but this image proves that black can be so fantastic and creates dramatic results. This entry way is directly off the living space, so by painting the wall and floor the one colour, in this instance black, it separates the area. Although, to really push the idea I would have painted the side wall, ceiling AND the door!

Using black board paint also makes a handy ‘don’t forget’ list at the place you need it most.

Who says entrance ways should be boring!
I hope these images stimulates some ideas of colour blocking and going beyond a feature wall!

Masking tape a must!