Work Space Etiquette.

In the voice of Lloyd Grossman ‘Who works in an office like this?’

And unfortunately the answer is too many of us!

I think it’s about time this should change.

I don’t know whether it’s just me, but we seem to have gotten ourselves into a situation whereby thinking ‘professional/working environment’ automatically means dull, grey and boring. And yet we spend most of our time in work, complaining about work.

So I believe to raise our spirits and enthusiasm all workplaces which resemble the image above need a good old lick of paint!

Although we don’t want distractions, I think it is so important to be inspired and excited about work. And may I point out this shouldn’t be restricted to “creative” jobs either.

So check out a few examples of fantastic work spaces – and lets give ourselves a break and actually want to go to work!

Google offices are notorious for looking great, and they are one of the world’s largest companies. Evidence that a fun office doesn’t mean nothing gets done! 

Think about who and how do you use the space – then think creatively!



Use colour to distinguish areas rather then partitions.


Remember meetings where you can feel yourself nodding off? Create an informal area to inspire ideas.


Create a powerful entrance to uplift you as your day begins. And what a fantastic way to wow your guests and clients, who would never forget the company with an entrance like this!

And lastly..

We all know Lego is an awesome company, but how about working there?

Even the practical ‘factory’ areas look so creative.

I’d love to know who works in their ideal office.

So many of us work at home now – so watch this space for home office design inspiration!