Moroccan Style!

Well excuse the absent posts but with my birthday last week I’ve been milking the celebrations as much as possible. Now it’s back to work!

Although I have some exciting gifts which I must share! I mentioned in my previous dining room post that I am collecting dining chairs, well to my delight my boyfriend surprised me with this fantastic BenChair in it’s original eggshell blue vinyl!

I also received some beautiful Moroccan ceramics, an authentic Tagine pot, which I managed to produce a lovely lamb dish the other night and a gorgeous turquoise jug.

There are many places I want to visit in the world but one in particular is Morocco. I am already a huge fan of Moroccan inspired interiors, the patterns, colours and the abundance of textures, which create such dynamic interiors.

Although I would always discourage having ‘themed’ interiors I believe just taking your favorite aspects of Morocco can enrich any room.

It can be daunting the thought of mixing patterns together but this Moroccan inspired bed shows that keeping to a minimum colour palette, here being blue with a splash of red on a white background, it can create a really inviting space. The key to making this work for you is obvious really, using patterns which you truly love! And get creative!

Moroccan tiles are absolutely stunning, to me it doesn’t matter the colour, pattern, I love them all! This modern kitchen is using similar style tiles to a fantastic result. Although it’s an open plan room the tiled area from the floor and up onto the wall designates the kitchen area without the need for walls. The most striking points to this room are the strong combinations of materials, tiles, wood, brick AND stainless steel. They should all be competing with each other but they are harmonious due to their similar tones.

This Living Room is the perfect example of using simple elements from Morocco. A modern leather sofa and angle poise lamp have been subtly mixed with the silver hammered coffee table and side table, the patterned rug and colour hints in the accessories all read Moroccan without shouting it!

On the other hand, this very feminine pink snug exudes Moroccan charms, the iconic style lampshade and pink leather footstool (I have one in turquoise) and collection of cushions on the day bed, along with the stunning floor tiles. Everything about this screams Morocco but once again keeping to a restricted colour palette a sophisticated interior can still be produced.

Now all I need is some mint tea, grilled halloumi, and oh yea and plane ticket to Morocco! Maybe next birthday?
Anyone else inspired by Morocco?