Thank you! & first case Books!

WOW, what a day and a great start to the month!

Having been featured this morning on WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed‘  with my post ‘Smart Art‘. The blog has been literally flooding in with views all day and I’ve been welcoming such lovely comments by inspired viewers!

Absolutely fantastic.

I assure you however, it’s me that is most inspired by everyone! And I’ve been eager all day to write many more posts, and especially to say thank you!

So without further ado, I think more interior inspiration is needed!

For me, one area that can create most impact and interest to a room are bookshelves. But they can often cause the greatest difficulties to get right. I am constantly changing things around on mine. As you can see it’s full to the rafters! I do need more space to distribute some of my accumulates!

But at the same time, filled bookcases makes the most visual impact to keep the eye busy taking in all the wonderful personal items on display.

A bookcase from wall to wall in a grid forms pockets of interest, aligning books and treasured items at different positions prevents any uniformity which could make the space feel too formal. The book spines add the splashes of colour therefore neutralising the rest of the room let the bookcase become the main feature.

Whereas before the shelves were regularly spaced,  here shows an example where the books are ordered and the different width gaps provide the visual interest. And of course any interior isn’t complete without a classic Eames chair! Perfect for reading a book on a Sunday morning.

Something completely different now, and one idea I absolutely love!

Using a low shelf to house a group of book, whether it’s cantilevered or propped up with large stones like here. It creates such interesting visual impact especially with the black canvas taking over the wall above.

What an unconventional statement, the  use of different materials is the star of the show  rather then the displaying objects. Inspired by retro Scandinavian furniture which fits perfectly in with the room however I think it would work amongst over style, I would particularly love to see this free standing in a kitchen.



Thanks again for an overwhelming day! Let me know your thoughts on bookcases.

Keep inspired!

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