Smart Art..

I am very excited to receive my latest print, a monochrome collection of 4 Gibson guitars, including a Les Paul, an SG, a Flying V and an Explorer. Although it is my boyfriend who is the musician, I still love the shapes and composition of all styles working with each other.

The print wasn’t particularly expensive (under a tenner), but that’s not what art is about, but purely an expression of our personalities and interests.
That is why art is so important to bring a whole interior together, not just filling in a gap on the wall but creating a story of interest about the characters who use the space.

If you place art in a saloon style this creates a vision in itself whether its from a handful of frames or an entire wall collection.

The key to the saloon style is restricting the colour combination but then you can play around with different styles, shapes and all the art which you love.

Art leaned up against the wall, creates such a casual feel to the room, using in conjunction with empty frames, mirrors and fun objects working together creating a fantastic wall of interest within this neutral back drop.

Wall art doesn’t necessarily have to be pictures but this collection of plates displayed in such an interesting way transforms our preconception of old fashion wall plates.

Similarly to the left here is a fantastic collection of art and objects piled throughout all the apple crates shelving, producing a point of interest within the room.

Which collection of art do you most connect with?