After being introduced to Pinterest by my lovely friend, I have literally not been able to get anything done! 

If, like me you have already been seduced by the wonderful world of Pinterest you will have discovered the huge variety of images people have ‘pinned’ relating to all types of topics from fashion, food, home decor, crafts, even cute little kittens wearing hats!

If you haven’t yet heard of it, well I am sorry I may have just ruined any productivity you had!

But seriously it’s a great quick way to pick up inspiration and clever ideas to replicate throughout your life. 

When it comes to ideas which inspire me I tend to go with my gut instinct, if in the first 3 seconds of seeing something and I like it, then simply I like it, even love it!

I try not to over analyse things too much and always work with what you love and enjoy rather then what someone or magazines tell me to do. This goes for most aspects in my life not just with interiors! 

So, from my many hours of trawling pinterest I have selected my favorite interiors and craft projects which just instantly sang to me!


Hope they inspire you too, and don’t forget to check out my pinterest boards!